Solo with Live Music, 35′

Choreography and dance: Sun-A LEE

Live music: Jimmy Sert (accordeon, clarinet)

Video: Sun-A LEE (Thanks to Min Jung GUEM, Ho Young JUNG)

Light design: Jung-Wha KIM

Costume: Duk-Yim NOH

Produced by Jung Art Vision, Lig Arts Foundation

Residencies: Tenerife (Spain), October/November 2011, LIG Art Hall (Seoul), Summer 2012

About “Touch!” :

“Touch!” talks about absence and loss. Absence of one’s parents, of one’s children. Being absent from the world.

“Touch!” also evokes self-isolation, the loss of communication with rest of the world and the constant succession of memories which can becoming haunting and obsessional.

Sun-A LEE’s unique micro-movement technique here explores the relationship with objects, scenography and video art.


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