Out there

Solo with Live Music, 25′

Concept: Sun-A LEE, Min-Jeong GUEM

Choreography and dance: Sun-A LEE

VIdeo: Min-Jeong GUEM

Original music: Kangding Ray-Sub.Res

Lighting Design: Dong-Jin LEE     

Produced by: Jung Art Vision (LIG Arts Foundation)

About “Out there” :

My artistic desire is smoldering
, but there is a limit to expressing my desire.
 I feel frustrated. Can I ever fly over the limit?

The artist is frustrated with how to express inspirations and images that emerge in the mind. This piece illustrates the yearning of the artist to express her mind with clarity.

‘The outside’ can be interpreted as the world outside the door. At the same time, it signifies the creation of an artwork (freedom of expression).

The world within the door is the world of inspiration, and Out there portrays the limitations of time and space in materializing such inspirations

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