Solo, 25′

Choreography and dance: Sun-A LEE

Original music: Pan Sonic (IImenemismuoto-Appearanceform, Joskus), Benga (Intro, Electro Musik, Duel), Skream (Dutch Flowerz)

Light Design: In-Yeon LEE, Baek-Hee RYU

Costume: Duk-Yim NOH

Coproduction: CID-UNESCO/SIDANCE (Seoul International Dance Festival), Centre Chorégraphique National de Caen / Basse-Normandie dans le cadre de « l’Accueil-Studio » / Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication

Production supported by Arts Council Korea

-3nd prize winner in Masdanza 2011 solo contest
-Audience prize winner in Spain’s Masdanza 2011 festival

About “Waves” :

“Waves” expresses the encounter sound waves and energy movement through the phenomenon of “ripple”. Coming from outside, music, voices or sounds produced reactions within the body and fester until it becomes visually perceptible, as movements, gestures and dance.
The choreographer continues her search by refining the internal variation of sensations transmitted the rhythm of the music and sounds. It reveals the hidden tiny movements that occur naturally in our bodies, waiting for a rhythm that they can rebound. As they expand emit high energy literally exploding outside the body: the dance of “Waves”.
“When the music starts, my energy accelerates the heartbeat. I feel that the blood circulates in my veins and it seems like “waves” that dance in my heart until the body transmits to the outside, where the eye of the viewer identifies them as my movement intimate ”

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