Choreography and Dance : Sun-A LEE 

Music: Nils Økland

Photography at Troll Forest in Malmö: Charlotta Hartman

Co-production: SunadanSe, International Dance Residency in Malmö/Dansstation Disposal of Dance Studio: Dansstation(Malmö), CND(Pantin), LIG Arts Foundation(Seoul)

Out side eyes (amical Regard): Luc Petton

About “Trollitude” :

This is the story of a hikikomori girl. Sleeping during the day, she used to eat at night, watch Internet and stare at the moon. Through the window of her room, she can see the forest. She wants to walk amongst the trees like before, but when she closes her eyes, or when she twitters out, the trolls from the forest move into her dreams.

문화역서울284 [아트플랫폼3-세계를사로잡다] ⓒ 이재훈

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