Grimja Sai(그림자 사이)

Duet, 15′

Choreography and dance: Sun-A LEE, Pierre-Yves Diacon

Regard extérieur: Tamara Bacci

Original music: Illuha « Requiem for a relative hyperbolas of amplified and decaying waveforms »; Pierre-Yves Diacon

Lighting Design:

Production: SunadanSe(France/South Korea) & Les Mondes Transversaux(Switzerland)

Co-Produced by: Seoul Dance Center (Seoul, South Korea), Dansstationen (Malmo, Sweden), Théâtre Sévelin 36 (Lausanne, Switzerland), Centre National de la Danse (Paris, France)

About “Grimja Sai(그림자 사이)” :

In Korean language, Grimja Sai means « in between the shadows ».

The shadow isn’t only a local lack of brightness, it is also the latent, fluctuating and undifferentiated state of potentialities.

It contains within itself the thrilling desire of daylight by which, our thoughts sometimes materialize, from one shadow to another, a secret presence of oneself and our inner reflections.

Pierre-Yves Diacon and Sun-A Lee collaborate since December 2013 to develop a choreographic proposal that may bridge their respective universes of creation.

They attempted different forms of presentation and research during residencies in Sweden, Switzerland, France and South Korea.

In November 2015, they presented in Seoul a site specific performance. From this, they retained the main intention and some content to be reworked within a new stage concept. They presented in February 2016 in Lausanne, under a working title, a first version of their duet Grimja Saï for the programme Les Quarts d’Heure within Les Printemps de Sévelin festival.